Since its original charter was granted, Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural Arts occupied a retail center consisting of 14 store fronts converted to classrooms and office space, with a capacity of 405 students. Sycamore Academy had a vision to move to a brand new campus at the start of the 2015-2016 school year. The new campus was located approximately 0.6 miles from the retail center, and Hansberger & Klein, PLC successfully closed an approximately $9,000,000 bond transaction for the purposes of financing the costs of the acquisition, construction, improvement, renovation and equipping of vacant land for the new school. Sycamore Academy purchased an approximately 7.21 acre parcel of vacant land located at 23151 Palomar Street, Wildomar, California 92562 and constructed an approximately 27,000 square foot school facility containing 22 classrooms. The facility’s unique design in based on constructivist principles of learning and a “barn door” design allows multiple classrooms to be opened up so that students can work collaboratively on projects. A multipurpose room of approximately 2,000 square feet serves as a science lab, art studio and stage. The new school facility also boasts a patio space, gardens, an amphitheater and a track.

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