HK School Law Newsletter – October 2017 Human Resources Alert

Governor Signs New Leave Mandate for Small Businesses and Bans Salary History Inquiries Governor Brown Jr. today signed legislation mandating that small businesses provide a new protected leave of absence. This Bill takes effect on January 1, 2018. Salary History Inquiry Ban Under Assembly Bill 168 employers are banned from […]

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HK School Law Newsletter – October 2017 Wage and Hour Alert

California Charter Schools Are Not Immune From Labor Code Provisions Governing Timing of Wage Payments for Non-Exempt Employees We are aware that many of our clients – and many charter schools in California – have historically paid their non-exempt employees on a monthly basis. The practice is not uncommon because […]

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HK School Law Newsletter – July 2017 Edition

Fiscal Management Advisory 17-01 Update Regarding Pupil Fees The California Department of Education recently updated its fiscal management advisory regarding pupil fees. Of greatest importance to charter schools are two items that the most recent advisory clarifies.

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HK School Law Newsletter – January 2017 Edition

The End of Unrestricted Independent Study “Resource Centers”? Shasta Secondary Home School (now Shasta Charter Academy), which filed a petition for review with the California Supreme Court after suffering a defeat in the California Court of Appeals, has just learned that the Supreme Court will not take up the matter.

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Hansberger & Klein Newsletter – November 2016 Edition

New Overtime Rule Blocked By Injunction Days Before Implementation With just over a week before it was scheduled to take effect, a federal judge has blocked the implementation of an Obama administration rule that would have extended overtime eligibility to some 4 million Americans. The Labor Department’s new overtime rule […]

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Hansberger & Klein Newsletter – September 2016 Edition

Most of our readers understand full well that discrimination against an employee because the employee belongs to a protected class is illegal. However, employers also cannot discriminate against employees based on their association with a disabled person. This is known as “associational disability discrimination.” A recent case illustrates the issues […]

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Hansberger & Klein Newsletter – August 2016 Edition

The ACLU recently released a report titled “How Some California Charter Schools Illegally Restrict Enrollment.” We have been working with the ACLU regarding some misconceptions and errors that have unfairly targeted some schools, and we urge you to review the list to see if your school appears on it.

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Hansberger & Klein Newsletter – July 2016 Edition

New Pregnancy Disability Notice Requirements, New Requirement to Adopt Discrimination and Harassment Policy, Wonder the Service Dog Heading to the Supreme Court, LA City’s New Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Laws, AB 2706, U.S. Supreme Court Seeks Views on Level of ‘Benefit’ Required in Special Education and more…

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Hansberger & Klein Newsletter – May 2016 Edition

The Obama Administration spearheaded an effort that led to a new Labor Department rule that is expected to impact overtime pay for approximately 4.2 million salaried workers. Many of our readers may be under the impression that any employee is salaried is exempt from overtime pay, but that is not […]

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